Alien Buddha Press’ Featured Artist of the Month is Ammi Romero

ABP- Thank you for taking this interview Ammi. You are Alien Buddha Press’ featured artist of the month. You have been a contributor on many of Alien Buddha’s publications. About how many titles would you guess that yo00001u have been a part of in some fashion?

AR- It’s hard to know at this point, there’s various covers I have done the art for, as well as interior illustrations for numerous titles.I have published 3 books under the press including – Dimensional High, Bartholomew, and Natural Motherboard.

ABP- Your art has been featured on many of our covers. Which title do you feel paired the best with your art?

AR- Illustrations for American Anti Hero.

ABP- Who are your favorite artists and writers?

AR- Red Focks.

ABP- As both a visual artist and a writer, which do get more enjoyment from creating?

AR-The dopamine rush triggered by creating sanctifies the need inside myself, both are the same.

ABP- Do you have anything you would like to say to Alien Buddha Press’ audience?

AR-Peace and love.

slave masters
The heads
of my brothers
and sisters
bleed in the shadows;
the geoengineered
night calls out
to my bones,
the breaking skies
close your eyes,
look inside,
love thy neighbor
and sin no more.
Tax payer bombs
free fall
like limp arms,
the land flows
with nose bleeds
streching a river
of sacrifice
from the east
out to the west.
Let nations
rise rebellion,
the empire will fall.”


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