‘Sick Note’ by Jason O’Toole

 My skeleton of popsicle sticks

painted primary colors;

held together with scabby globs

of Elmer’s.


My car an oblong box;

wheels huge, irregular.

Whole thing just red crayon

on yellow construction paper.


I’ll never make it.


You’ll just have to

fly to Mars

without me

in your Dixie Cup




Jason O’Toole is a Rhylsing Award nominated poet, underground musician, visual artist, and elder advocate. He is the author of two poetry collections published by the Red Salon, Spear of Stars (2018) and Soulless Heavens (2019). Recent work has appeared in journals including Neologism Poetry Journal, The Scrib Arts Journal, The Wild Word, and Vita Brevis, and in several anthologies from presses including Twist in Time, Riza Press, and Moon Shadow Sanctuary.

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