Spotlight: A Kaleidoscope of Poetic Thoughts by Darrick Hernandez

Darrick Hernandez wrote A Kaleidoscope of Poetic Thoughts from the inside of a sentence where he is serving a sentence. In a 2019 edition of Alien Buddha Zine, Darrick’s work was first featured in a segment on the American Prison system; after it was forwarded along with the help of poet Lauren Scharhag, who also helped ‘A Kaleidoscope of Poetic Thoughts’ find it’s way to Alien Buddha Press’ submissions.

Herein lies poetry from a peculiar perspective on subjects the billions of us are confronted with at some point in life: love, loss, war, peace, hope, oppression, joyfulness, and utter confusion concerning our experience and our place in the ever-revolving human terrestrial amid its constant evolving state of affairs

cover art by Pseudonym Lastname



“I dedicate this work to

all who’ve ever believed in me;

those who’ve snubbed me, too.

May you all finally see

what my spirit is possessed to do.”

-Darrick Hernandez






As time flies by, my sanity peels

and drifts along in its current.

How long can I endure it?


This question leaves me sleepless

more nights than not, eyes

wide open in the dark, listening

to the tick-tock of the clock.


I remember when I was

fast asleep, soon as I

hit the bed.

Now a-nights it seems

I wouldn’t catch a wink

even if I were dead.


Twisting and turning in discontent

at the hooting owl, screeching nighthawk,

or my window, a tree’s discourteous knock.


This nocturnal symphony causes me to

look upon the night with enmity, and,

as the dawn brings the sun,

the early bird gets the worm, while

insomnia plays on my rationale some.




Justitia est Commodatum

Justice is Served


Taken, what they never thought precious,

no value to a life, with no chance to invest.


Could I to call them heartless, as they’ve

deemed mine devoid of any warmth,

innocent I may not be, yet guilty

of complete ill-fane, I aren’t.


Surely, the lady’s bosom hasn’t run dry,

all the agents, ages of sardonic suckling,

those sworn to represent her benevolence,

yet tarnish it in supplant.


Could it be justice just isn’t fair,

or perhaps it’s just to make it fair,

to tip the scales in one’s favor,

match might for might, the only given right.





The wrath that befell thine,

on behalf of those deemed unseemly,

hath not been in vain,

O, most heroic among the empyrean,

every step towards humanity honors thee.


A churning majesty, of which has

illuminated by dawns of ages unfathomed,

for many more it shall endure, aridly

expressing its romance to the soul.


This most sacred gift unduly reserved,

those to rouse its embers to flame,

bearers of this torch, in warmth and awe,

revere his courageous name



Clarion Call


Innocence without the pain,

knowledge without responsibility,

fruitfulness without the rain,

equality without any quality,

a new leaf without the grain,

reality without its fallacy,

glory without the shame,

persecution without morality,

beauty without the vain,

no common clash with sensity,

restore perspective’s sane,

just to see sterility,

is more of the same,

bland, yet infectious chastity,

in which we turn to blame,

all but our own audacity.



Sugar and Salt


Some people find god,

Some people find love,

Some people find fortune,

Some people find none.


Some people are lucky,

good and/or bad.

A few die happy,

most people live sad.


Some people are blessed,

Some people are cursed,

most finish last,

and some finish first.


Hope keeps some alive,

only to perish hopelessly,

while others perpetually strive,

as strife lasts endlessly


* * *


Life is full of magic

dark and the light,

though often tragic,

it can still be bright.


The experience is profound

whether one acknowledges

salt and sugar abound

so no tasteless apologies



Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit


A hierarchy of sovereign power,

alleged democracy—overbearer.

Many lies said, unaccounted dollars made,

bleed the populace, supposed debt paid.


Frauds claim a history with god, gall

their flaws contradict his call,

basing lives on what seems true,

yet don’t believe their spew.


Land of the free under political legions,

all are glee to advocate tensions,

with a dash of equality and civil right,

lest we forget poverty and classicist plight





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