SPOTLIGHT: Mindy Levokove’s Mount Eden Avenue

Wonderful, short unexpected poems fill Mindy Levokove’s new collection. Readers will welcome her generosity and her talent.

-Esther Cohen
Author of Book Doctor

Mindy Levokove’s poetry strikes the reader as so natural and spontaneous that the worlds she evokes “sing to the trees,” sing through the trees. Her Mount Eden Avenue branches out to touch “orange sky,” Avenue A and “brown tears,” transforming all with magical, surreal strokes. Levokove’s concise poems show large imagination and empathy, whether referencing a basket of fruit, Hiroshima or morsels. She meditates wonderfully on the subtleties of weather and light. Her wordplay dances through this collection and into the heart.

–Austin Alexis,
author of Privacy Issues

Mount Eden Avenue – part 1

Mount Eden Avenue

is over the top

where she is forgetting

the breakfast of champions

deserted in the sky

to become a can of worms

here’s the fish tank

when she meant

to go to the beach

she is frozen

she is also forgetting

the drum roll

where you go

bring us

with you

with your words

we want to

join you

where you go

Grand Canyon

O, orange depression!

the wind and I

race you like


summer drum song

come under my wing

i’ll pull you sleeping

to skyward boat

that swims over under

every bearded cloud

dipped in deep

open circular sky

falling through space through time

for Nate

i carry you on the bus

you under my arm

in your storm

painting: gas station (Circuit City)

for Bob Heman

light spill

red-eyed car

yellow guide


planets moons dots


gas station  

circuit city

trapped fish

acquired fish

in a glass box

with water

my cats want to eat you

and i love the song

the air makes when it

cycles through your


(goldfish, koi, and plecostomus)


you hold me, you hold us, you fold me, you fly us

pearl cloud kissed!

lace, tulle, gauze, filigree fine

surround and cradle with divine

blue—because you gaze

with constant adoration at the magic sea.

Oh, sky! (you hold us!)

how do we not notice you?

flap on

manna mo anna


we’re (ashes) here

all fall

where are the posies?

crashing through the grass

comes the great hunter

you left your portmanteau

behind you


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