SPOTLIGHT: Caffeine vs. Olanzapine, The new feature length poetry book by Bud Ogden

Not many poets play with rhyme nowadays. Whether they see it as restraining or old-fashioned, most poets prefer some form of free verse. But Bud Ogden doesn’t seem interested in keeping with trends nor is he attempting to stick to tradition. Ogden’s poetry employs rhyme in a unique manner; mixing up rhyme schemes with complete disregard for what’s considered “proper.” There’s something very alternative, almost rebellious in Ogden’s unique, personal, and vulnerable poetry. If you’re looking for an ordinary book of poetry, look elsewhere.

Ada Wofford
—Author of I Remember Learning How to Dive


lined-up productivity

scorching scent of hazy pine

we’ll end up in the same place

better to prolong the time

they’ll divide and conquer too

suits and ties and shiny shoes

they start hate and spread it through

future made from screams and nukes

seeming, planned longevity

green enough to let me think

composing before arrival

hitting as soon as we blink


he focused on the outer shell

believed the lies he told himself

tricked and convinced all he could

punking his own neighborhood

dancing through a phony sea

entertain hypocrisy

changing views are just a test

to see which lies will work the best


thinning blood and clogging veins

blinding senses once again

corporations have a pull

eyes still itching from the wool

so advanced, fully aware

just another numb to care

all to grasp another taste

in the end, another waste


I wanted to explain to you now

but then I forgot what it was

I wanted to describe to you how

but it fluttered out with a buzz

the senses pick up the omnipresent

there used to be a feeling and theme

the numb is a ritual-like dependent

where paint and composure build a dream

as beautiful as you inspire

as echoing as your words reach

the flickering of my own fire

the hypocrisy of what we teach


down you go, angle perfected

targeting my residence

beautiful and deadly weapon

confirming no evidence

a brief and dimming time period

the same one every day

when sweaty bodies pass out

a new form every way

now you know, reason detected

lighting up all arrogance

euphoric and praised murderer

sizzling my existence


before the sun was in my eyes

it magnified my eyelid’s choice

a burger spilled into the fries

with irritated foreign voice

an act of distant barricades

to breach the position of fate

with ostriches that outrun dogs

and dripping forms of sweaty hate

some belch to praise the later shows

some sneak into a land of gold

they fornicate and pick their nose

and lack the soul that should be sold

when open sores absorb the blood

the length of you is well-distorted

as veins and flesh endure a flood

the false content will be reported

a vicious bond that begs for more

is stuffed with an enormous cock

the explanation for this theme

is just a form of writer’s block

WRITER’S BLOCK chapter 967

the nugget tasted great

dipped in green sauce

we chug it pasted fate

flipped in scene moss


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