SPOTLIGHT: Steve Brightman’s new poetry chapbook “Leaving the Flatlands to the Amateurs”

Blackberries In Glass

Lock unbolts sets free
the caffeine distract

Judges wear deaf ears
to all their parties

Blackberries in glass
are the strongest
voice out there

A snap of long fingers
and blackberries in glass

Past The Lumber

Ghost ride your voice
past the lumber
ghost ride your choices
past the factory
stoplight is changing
red to green
back to red from yellow
past the calendar
ghost ride this mess
past the lumber
absent with some
minor regrets
vacancy where there
used to be streetcar
and loose gravel


hot water earth blanket
wrapped around her

gold trinket lightning strike
racing to fall to earth

ten times the avalanche
silent comes forever

pillowbox daydreams
keystroke thunderstorm

wavelength plays
rhythm to ringing ears
over here

Behind Red Mad

Sparrows follow
hollow bones
to water edge
setting fire to salt
lights the night sky
burying faces
behind red mad
draperies and disguises
setting fire to night
lights streets and eyes
sparrows follow
anyone home

Steve Brightman lives in Akron, OH with his wife and their green parrot. He firmly believes that there are only two seasons: winter and baseball.


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