SPOTLIGHT: American Apparell, the new Femmeglitch Art Collection from Kristine Snodgrass

Kristine Snodgrass strips bare social media advertising this powerful series of images. She tears apart the commodification of Feminism and reimages it back into a viable message. Through Glitch Art she remessages marketing whitewash into an Asemic Poetry of power. She tells a new story for Americans as she redresses a gimmick of fashion back into a statement. She is the writing on the wall.

~ Yrik-Max Valentonis, author of this is visual poetry, iDEAL, and 120 Days of Gomorrah

Kristine Snodgrass weaves some interesting glitch pieces in her new collection, American Apparel. Each piece is extremely detailed and you can tell she put a lot of work into these very unique and beautiful works of art. Highly recommended!

Robert J,W.- Author of Dusty Video Game Discs


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