SPOTLIGHT: Dan Provost’s December 22, 2020 (Playing Croquet in Short Pants During a Snowstorm)


It is not out
of want that I watch
saddening humanity converse
in Gorham Park about lack of
It is out of wonder…

Family Reunion

The silent encounters
at 4 A.M. with the ghosts
of my father, mother, and sister

usually end up with me realizing

I failed to love when I had

Beautiful Insanity

Kindness always seeks
a home. Madness usually
finds the writer. The two
are not interchangeable.

Great Shape

While I was in my twenties,
my best friend Platt used to whisper
in my ear while we were drinking
at a dive— “How does it feel to know
we can physically dominate anyone in

At the time it felt pretty damn good…

Poor Baby

The terrible twos…
Violence and insanity

Still march the street
weathering the storm.

Piercing my soul…
Even today.


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