SPOTLIGHT: Love Poems For Bad People by Robert J.W.

The Comedy Of Wounds

I watch as
you snap my
limbs, one
by one.
I’m not
powerless to
stop you.
I just
don’t want to.
I’m laughing in
a field of
gray goo, counting
the cracks in
existence as you
massage the
wounds you inflicted.
I’ve never
felt more secure.

Playing The Villains

We played the
villains in our
stories, tying
ourselves to the
train tracks.
We made sure the
other was
watching as we
twirled our
fingers in
our hair.
Sympathy was always
vomited from between
grinding teeth.
Nothing could
stop the inevitable.
Our guts have
been strewn across
the countryside.
You can comb
through them in
an attempt at
finding a
sliver of conscience.
You’ll never
find it.

Blaming The Serpent

If I would
stop crying, maybe
you could
hear yourself
walking away and
if you would
only speak, maybe
the wells inside
me would dry.
A snake tied
itself to
our necks and
bites the
crescent moon.
We turn every
color but
warmth, blaming
the serpent for our
stagnancy as
the mirror laughs.

Clarity In The Eclipse

We gazed so
long at
the eclipse that
our eyesight returned.
We saw the
destruction we
wrought on
the world; oceans were
caked beneath
our fingernails and
our shirts were
stained with
the summits of mountains.
Our halos slid
around our necks.
The universe
pulled with
a smile.

Treasure Beneath Our Bones

There is no
treasure beneath
our bones.
Only an
abundance of
plastic can be
found there.
It clogs our
arteries with every
bad decision.
We stray further
from the
teachings of
guitars and
closer to the
speeches of politicians.
We burn
flags with the
ends of
cheap cigarettes.
We call
it salvation.

Robert J. W. is a poet and author from Morgantown, WV. He is the author of the poetry collections Houses I’ve Died In, Screamo Lullabies, Dusty Video Game Cartridges, Mania And Black Holes, and Dusty Video Game Discs. When not writing, he enjoys listening to music and playing video games.


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