SPOTLIGHT: I Have Touched The US Ideology by Qi Lian Shan & Xi Nan

Passing by Qilian Mountains
That Day (1)
Steep mountain roads
The mountains top was more than 3000 meters high
We stayed here for a while
Tibetan men and women
Were shouting and selling stuff
Further up, on the top of the mountains
White clouds were drifting by
A Tibetan man was
Singing aloud on the prairie
In wetlands
An eagle hovered in the air
Monks were chatting
In an unknown temple
A car
Parked by the highway
Yaks leisurely stood
The blue sky was reflected in
The white saline lake
(1). Qilian Mountains (祁连山脉), form the border between Qinghai and the Gansu provinces of northern China.

I Saw the Morning in Xilamuren Grassland
Old Zhang and me came to
The mountain top
This was the August of the Mongolian Plateau
There were many piles of stones (敖包)
People came one after another
In the mist in the morning light
There was a dry river
In the front
The grassland was still quiet
We were looking
A little dot of red glow appeared
Rose slowly
The sun rose up
Red like fire
Running in the air were
The sound of horse hooves
This morning was

Sakura Fallen in 2020
The cherry blossoms in Wuhan (武汉)
Fell after a heavy
Rain, certainly
Every year they
Fall, actually
The cherry blossoms here
Were originally brought by
The Japanese from Japan
In 1939
Planted on Luojia Mountain (珞珈山)
Often hear
Sakura’s emotions
Touching their own heart
However, no one pays attention to
The cherry blossoms this year
They blossomed alone
And fell
On the Wuhan land

Spring of Italy
Staff of funeral homes said that many people died every day
They were not just a number
They were one and another vivid lives, but friends relatives parents sisters and brothers
Couldn’t meet them for the last time couldn’t
Give them a farewell
Every day the streets were empty only lines of cars driving through the city hauling corpses on them
Rivers are flowing
Butterflies are flying among flowers and grass
Pigeons are wandering
On the square
Some are winging in the sky

Medical Staff in Spain
April 28th, 2020
When announcing the names of
The deceased medical staff
Due to coronavirus pandemic
The Spanish Health Officer Verónica Casado was
Emotionally out of control for a few times
Tears choked her words
She was also a doctor
Said that she was still here
Because of the particular care from God
Spain was the country
With the most diagnoses
Of medical staff
Accounting for 20% of the total confirmed sick
At this moment
The sun and the moon
Were shining on
Danube River
Colorado River


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