SPOTLIGHT: Shapes of Motherhood (Motherhood of Shapes) by Michelle Moloney King

Hello midnight.

Who so him. Who so Jim.
I saw them pounding leather
sofas around a campfire moonglobe.
Plastic spring water bottles
filling coffee cups
and curls of strong women
foreshadow that Voice.
“Who are you, kind ruffian?”
Tonight I’ll leave my phone
unlocked to notes
waking to the scribbled answer.
The toddler sleeps beside me
on soaked silken letter books.
Did you do this too? She waits
for the flicker. What’s with all
the people on the street with
big bags, have you noticed that?

Read me. On The Union, Dear Sirs…..


Truth to power the cartoonishness

of high art. Consummate of easy

employability. Walking the streets

of my mind most cul de sacs.

Real and fictional, we explore

history pinpointing when we

displeased the gods so as to

self-flagugate as all Marys do.

Little King, you left us banging

the hall’s door down.

Poets r Punks

It’s Good, Baby

The blue things

are holding the

granet, reach in

and swipe something

from its butter –

has broken. I’ll

fix that bit

too on Sunday

now that John

is gone to

soapy tears. Keep

your eye on

the weather, fella,

dang it all!

War-like dolls

dance only at

last chances, feet

not touching the surf, Little King.

Michelle Moloney King {she/her} fundraiser for Féileacáin Ireland, she is an experimental poet, visual poet, editor of Beir Bua Journal, Beir Bua Press and a Primary school teacher.2001 A mother and living with her family in Co. Tipperary, Ireland with a degree in computer science, post grad in education & is Master Hypnotherapist.Moloney King is interested in family life in flux, the plurality of time, and the surreal-absurdism of life.

Pushcart Nominee 2021. Visual Artists Ireland member.

Some of these poems have been first published in M58, 3AM Magazine, Mercurius, Asemics Magazine, Streetcake Magazine, The Babel Towers Notice Board, and Pamenar Press.

Website: Press

Shapes of Motherhood: Motherhood of Shapes: King, Michelle Moloney, Buddha, Alien: 9798745895272: Books

Shapes of Motherhood: Motherhood of Shapes: King, Michelle Moloney, Buddha, Alien: Books


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