The Alien Buddha’s House of Horror Showdown

Prize- $100 cash, a six month subscription to ABP’s zines and anthologies, and the inaugural title of Alien Buddha’s House of Horror Champion.

Submissions- Open from May 20 to September 29 at Contest is open to short horror fiction. 3,666 word maximum. One submission per contestant. Submissions should be presented in a manageably formatted word doc attachment. Contest is open to all, and there is no submission fee.

Print Anthology- The House of Horror Showdown corresponds with ABP’s annual Halloween anthology “The Alien Buddha’s House of Horrors”. Select submissions will be included in Alien Buddha’s House of Horrors 4. By submitting to the contest you agree to allow your story to be included in the anthology if selected… General poetry and art submissions are also eligible to be included in House of Horrors 4; although only fiction that meets the submission guidelines is eligible for contention in the showdown.

The Alien Buddha’s House of Horrors 4 will be released sometime in the first week of October.

On October 2nd 2021 ABP editor Red Focks will select a final 4 stories for the contest.

On October 3rd the finalist’s stories will be posted on WordPress, and voting will begin. The polling will be held in the public Alien Buddha Press group on Facebook.

Voting ends on the night of October 30th.


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