SPOTLIGHT: The Thousand Ghosts of You by James Lilley


Pain used as a weapon
Spat with venom
Words that will not be recollected
So the hurt isn’t just for me
But once done
I feel filthy instead.

Movie Reel

As if, from a distance,
I watched our marriage,
break and deteriorate
almost a scene in a film
someone else’s life.
It wasn’t sudden
more akin to slow torture
sudden unrelated intervals
a faulty movie reel
and broken
I tried to stop it
but like stemming the flow of a river
with fingertips
a pointless exercise
trying she said
my arrogance subsided becoming
if I lose you will
I only be able
to watch
from a far.

Sleeping Alone

I read somewhere
that humans are meant to
sleep alone
figures suggest
you are likely to have a more
restful slumber
when you are alone.

This does not explain why
I keep waking

A Thousand Ghosts of You

Haunted by a thousand ghosts of you
Walking up alone again
Taking turns at Christmas
Or birthdays
I wish I could forget
Living in the same city
The residue of pain
Stings most when I
Visit my favorite places
And all I can see
Are the thousand ghosts of you.


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