SPOTLIGHT: Cranium Theatre by by Yrik-Max Valentonis

Random Recipes

Curried Pterodactyl with Fried Bananas

Ingredients —
1 pterodactyl
5 pounds curry
30 bananas

You will need —
1 turkey baster
1 blow torch
5 fuel tanks for blow torch
1 mallet
1 back up mallet (if you are a messy cook like me)
1 hacksaw

Directions —

Bam! Burn! Bite!

Moon Crabs

Refurbished parts for sale

Gently used

Cleaned for you

Mechanical nostalgia

Giant rockets launched

From white beach sand

Hermit crabs scurrying

Vapor trail cloud stairway

Climb back home

Pressurized space suits

From abandoned auto-parts

Carburetor shuttle

Antennae watching the earth


Driving down the freeway

Behind the Devil’s Grandma

Her car spewing toxic waste

Grinding up natural preserves

She flicks a cigarette butt into my eye

And turns on her blinker

Atari Coda

Microscopic gods dance creation

on the antennae of a cellular phone

whispering madness and swallowed emotions

of hermits and grandmothers

The icon is a colorful representation

of today’s meals with discussion of

fast take-out zen

It is time for desert and cake

make it a tea party

and invite all your best stuffed animals


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