SPOTLIGHT: Observations of a Penitent Soul by Darrick Hernandez


Your innermost self,
pour it into all.

Everyone sip for health,
from your chosen grail.

Deep passions-do not deprive.
Depraved passions, deeply divide.

Dying to be alive,
afraid to share, you hide.

What we want to be,
we are that already.

What all wish to see,
we must be ready.


Never did I think,
I’d end up like this.
On a never ending brink,
staving off death’s kiss.

Between my repentance,
and unforeseen predicaments.
Doing a life sentence,
in sixty-second increments.

Within this instance,
I quest for atonement.
Despite the distance
to attain that amendment.

Not so much as to
gain complete annulment,
yet just enough to
mend for my infringement;

though here’s my disclaimer:
I am only human,
in a world of things, stranger.
Battling many demons.

But I will rise
to the given occasion,
as one can hardly surmise
their own salvations persuasion;

and, I claim no premonition,
of any forthcoming fate,
nor any connection
with a deity to sate.

Within these harrowing midsts
I must be brave,
and continually list
for fear of an early grave.


Poker faces are dead,
these days,
it’s all about
open hearts and,
cynical views.

Emotions overtake reason,
honesty the best policy,
displaying the horror of truth.
That which lies within-
a cultured poison.


Charade, charade.
The games are underway.

Mimicking, actors, actress’
in tragedies, comedies un-divine,
blaspheme the sacred arts,
false profits and gain,
true to form, not.

Real artistry through pain,
art equals life, and
life equates to pleasure.

Somehow this isn’t understood
in the illusion of reality,
when perception is all,
but disillusion,

Amateur Romantic

Romance is a craft.
Many can only sketch.
I myself can draft,
but a masterpiece, no fetch.
Yet, with use of a graph,
to an artist, a match.

Drawing my truest emotions,
for your interpretation.
Carefully expressed notions,
to entice your fascination.
Most heartfelt motions,
to stimulate your elation.

I only wish to intrigue.
Brighten your womanly glow.
Upset any fatigue,
if you are feeling low.
Bring you up by league,
sail with you in tow.

My greatest hope to gain,
is your reciprocation-
that your love won’t wane.
Celestial bodies ensue rotation.
To be loneliness bane,
in the vastness of creation.

To be etched in your heart,
my love signature.
Painful it’d be to part,
as tearing of ligature.
Deeply felt art,
profound as literature.


O’ where art thou graceful maiden?
In this vast expanse, a void
once flourishing when all turned
to grey then, churned to dark.
All before the eyes vanished, unseen
cloaked behind a veil.

Those gifts cannot be spent.
The ones relieving shuttering pain,
casting away all frowns,
spawning delight as spring.
Safely clutched in your arms,
fastened in a sling.

Where hath thou gone?
Instead to shine down dark lakes,
banish shadows and,
refuge us from threatening terrors;
when the sun has slept, the
moon grows full, and the
wolves howl, stalking.
To replace those horrors,
with a golden teeming meadow.

The Circus

He can show no different-
product of another’s environment.
In a three thousand ring circus,
an animal for entertainment.

Expected to jump through hoops,
very small, lit to flame.
Pretend he is duped,
give the appearance of tame.

The wild urges do call,
but he maintains his composure.
For in the event he does maul,
it would be a deadly exposure.

‘Cause few care for the encaged,
mistreated, beaten and starved.
They’re expected not to be enraged,
at their stake in life, carved.

The only focus would be,
the beast rebelled with a bite.
No one would ever see,
what was done to him, despite.

He’d only be vilified,
No respect for his self-preservation;
and, if he refuses to be objectified,
euthanasia, the final conclusion.


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