SPOTLIGHT: Follow the Black Raven by Linda M Crate

i do remember you

i remember
what i was wearing that night,
and the rain lashing the window;
the evil look in your dark eyes—

i remember how i said no,
but it didn’t matter
you weren’t listening to what
i had to say;
as if i were speaking another language
entirely but i kept pleading

only for you to insist
that we were
going to “do it”—

i remember that adrenaline rush
wish saved me from your will,

and tumbling down the stairs to escape you;
your sister thought i heard my mother’s car
but quite honestly i was just running from you
regardless of whether my mother was there or not—

i remember when i got into my mother’s car
that i just wanted her to mash the gas
like a get-away vehicle;

so, unfortunately, yes, i do remember you.

you’re a predator

i am angry
that all these years later
i still remember and think about
what you’ve done,
of how everyone thinks you’re a good man
despite the fact i know you’re not;
you tried to force yourself
on me
when we were but kids—
& later in college when i thought i was
finally recovering from the trauma of not being
able to trust anyone,
you found me;
and you smirked at me saying,
“i bet you don’t remember me”
knowing full well that i did as i froze unable
to move or speak
eyes wide in horror as i saw you
someone i thought i would never have to see
they say you’re a good man,
but i know better;
any time someone says a person is a good man
i don’t trust them because good men are introduced
by their character not everyone assuring one another
the other person means no harm—
i don’t know why people deny there are predators
around us,
it’s as if they don’t want to examine more closely
their friends and kin.

i am the samurai

i wonder if anyone knows
what you’re capable of,
and if they do
then i pray they’re braver than i am;

was afraid i would be blamed
and no one would believe me
especially since i was able to get away—

i was able to pull away from
your dark magic,
but the fear sometimes still
consumes me;
but now there is something that wasn’t
there when i was younger: rage—

i am the divine feminine both light and dark,
and the dark side of me is saying
respect me or you shall die;

i am not that scared little girl or young
woman in college,
i am the samurai;
and i am not afraid to use my katana
on anyone who has wounded me.

follow the black raven

you are in danger
should you ever venture
into the gardens and forests
of my heart

the crows are my cousins,
and the ravens my sisters;

there are so many thorns that will
cut you before you can even
find me—

i will stand there with my back turned,
you gave me nightmares so i will be
the monster that slays you;
fair is fair

you were the monster the first time
now you’ll be the prey—

follow the black raven,
she’ll show you death;
and i’ll administer the kiss.

never your damsel

you wanted a taste
of me,

but i will be the one
with the last laugh;

thought you could destroy me
i would just wither away

beneath the lens of your

i am proud to tell you
that i am alive and thriving

and there’s nothing in this
world i cannot do,

you failed when it came to
destroying me;

although your words and actions
still haunt i don’t always roam

around the haunted house
of you

so i am okay and some days
i am better than that—

but i will forever be thankful that i
will never be your damsel,

and i learned how to pick up the
sword for myself again.


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