SPOTLIGHT: Curses, Black Spells and Hexes: a Grimoire Sonnetica by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

What A Shame Spell

To ruin anyone’s potential, you
Will need things like this: shell from a chicken’s
Egg that broke when it fell from its nest to
The ground, unhatched. Unfastened safety pins
That were found, not bought. Seeds, germinated,
Then boiled before the first leaves unfurled and
Turned green. Dead caterpillars. Negated
Contracts. Unopened catalogues. A hand
From a working clock. Beads from a wedding
Dress that was returned. At least one item
Must have been stolen from your target. Bring
These together, dig a 6 foot hole, then
Bury them. As you bury, state the name
Of who you want ruined, adding: ‘What a shame’.

Should You Come Upon a Dead Raven

Should you come upon a dead raven, it’s
Only right to bury nine coins before
You take it. For magickal purposes.
Never tell anyone you have it. More
Mundanely, it’s against the law as well.
Say the feathers are from a black chicken.
And the feet, too. No need to have to tell
The truth. The feathers can curse a person
If you use boiling water, seventeen
Black candles and the victim’s photograph.
Dry and use the feet for your protection:
Carry them in a flannel bag along with
Red brick dust, lightning struck wood, silver dimes
(Three’s best) passed though alder smoke seven times.

Enemy Curse Bottle

Nine pins. Nine needles. Nine nails. Graveyard dirt.
Sulphur powder. A single hair of theirs.
Glass jar with a lid. Put the first five in
The jar, shake. Add the hair, close. This will hurt
Your enemy when you bury it as
The moon is waning, after eleven
But before midnight. Make sure you put it
In the ground by their doorstep or in their
Pathway. They will start to wither away
And begin to lose all hope, they will quit
Working at things, become filled with despair,
Lethargic and depressed. Their hair will grey,
Spouse will leave, world will collapse as the curse
Leads their life downwards, worse to worse to worse.

Goofer Dust

First you must assemble everything. There’s
No measures, but no substitution.
You need sulphur powder, plain salt, peppers
(Both black and red), anvil dust (find some), one
Venomous snake head and/or skin, dried, ground,
Also ground up bones and dried up insects.
And graveyard dirt. Make sure you’ve found
The right sort of grave first, make your intent
Known, pay for the dirt with 9 dimes, do not
Dig it with your hands, use a knife blade so
The connection the spirit has is cut
Between the dirt and the grave. Now you know
What to get. Mix it all up. Carefully.
Then scatter it around your enemy.

Quick Stop Spell

If you are having trouble with people
And you want to send the trouble back, get
A glass jar with a metal top that fits
Tight. A dirty jar will work best. Half fill
It with filthy water—from a toilet,
A ditch, a street puddle. Add rusty bits
Of iron, pepper (corn or chili), dirt,
Vinegar, lemon juice, spoiled milk, garlic,
Black stinking things from beneath garbage cans—
Some people add urine. Stuff that will hurt
The senses while it turns luck. You then stick
In a ripped-up photograph of them and
One strand of their hair. Your troubles will quit
Once you close the jar. Never open it.

A Charm to Sicken

You will need to leave an egg out under
The hot sun for two weeks before you make
This. Carefully, place the egg on yellow
Cloth (cut a square from a sickbed sheet for
More power), add your target’s hair, then take
A piece of yellow string and tie it, slow
And steady — don’t break the egg. Dig a hole
With your right hand, then softly place the charm
In it. Spit on it three times. Sprinkle this
With water taken from your toilet bowl.
Cover it — gently. Lift your foot. Say: “Germ
And dirt, harm and hurt, transmit your foulness!
Infect the body, bring disease! A swamp
Of fever now released!” Drop your foot. Stomp.

Assembling the Curse

Broken mirrors, graveyard dust, chicken bones,
Thorns and brambles, rusty knives, coffin nails,
Black cat hair, black hen egg, cracked river stones,
Burnt up roses, razor blades, adder scales,
Venomous spiders, poison snakes, henbane,
Glass shards, bent pins, dried blood, black candle wax,
Locks of hair, fingernails, a red wheat grain,
Thrice knotted rope, poppet dolls, carpet tacks,
Dove’s blood ink, black binding thread, mullein weed,
Parchment paper, left rabbit’s foot, dark rum,
Dead dog’s fang, dead man’s tooth, poppy seeds,
Toads, flies, stinging insects, urine, spit, scum,
Blue glass quart size jars with tight fitting lids.

And now they pay for all the things they did.


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