SPOTLIGHT: Apotheosis: Positive Poems For The Downtrodden by Robert J.W.

You are a
comet bursting
through a
clouded sky.
You are the
sound of the
ocean overpowering
a war zone.
You are
love, you
are religion.

Fractured bones rise
from hospital
beds into
the cosmos.
Starlight shines through
each crack, lighting
the way to
a better day.
The mending of
your wounds will
close off the
path but
that’s okay; you
got it
from here.

Eyes open to
energy of addition.
Twirling symbols lead
to meadows of
numbers, never repeating.
Frolic in the
love of
self, the
equations of grandeur.
Everything sways with
better days. 

You tolerate the
grey devils in
your spit, though they
rip your
words into
firearms pointing back.
You say
prayers to the
Heaven in
the mirror.
Halos turn
the grey to
pure light, igniting
midnight hearts to a
chorus of roosters.

You ground
yourself in the
spring water of
the love you give.
Cleansed of
depression’s smog, you
sing your
friends to
join you.
This is baptism.
You see
God in the
progress you make.

Are you
doomed to push
the boulder
uphill forever or
is that
your joy?
Blisters in your
hands chant
positive messages like
hardcore punk chants.
The struggle is
a gift.
Existence is a
blade-less knife without
that purpose.

Let love crawl
in the gun you
point at
your skull.
The bullet will not
end the
mangled road; it
will expand it into
an unfiltered world.
Crawl if you must.
You’ll bolt to
luscious pastures


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