SPOTLIGHT: Godlessness, Visual Poetry & Text Collaborations by Collin J. Rae & Kristine Snodgrass


Traveling East
to West
toward fists & devils
not scared of beauty

in Sarcastic drones
who is where and when?
aroused in grief
on hellish slide
S/he sings porous sequences
of yellowed weather
four legs
on the physical
…of purgatorian death-splat
an orchid on fucked-hollow
plead kneel plead
or no
speechless, we deceive.

In awe of cosmic faces
in spells
of painted ecstasy
like Aliens in ice
atmospheres resolute
clinging to brighter ideals
star-lit fevers
in rings of dust
a confusing pale
nakedness and scream
fractured bones
in pictures
like frost
overwhelming & glassy.

Collin J. Rae is a Michigan born visual and aural artist currently living and working in northern Virginia. His photos have been published by TASCHEN books, European Photography Magazine, Secret Magazine, and many others. His “asemic” works have been featured in various online and physical journals. Current projects include collaborations with Thee Kristine Snodgrass, Pandemic Portrait photo series, and various painting projects.

Kristine Snodgrass is an artist, poet, professor, curator, and publisher living in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. She is the author most recently of solo collections Rank (JackLeg Press 2021) and American Apparell from Alien Buddha Press. Kristine’s asemic and vispo work has been published in Utsanga (Italy), Slow Forward, and featured in AF2 (Asemic Front 2) andother places. Snodgrass is currently collabing with Collin J. Rae on a number of projects; Godlessness is their third published book project. You can find out more about Kristine at


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