SPOTLIGHT: The Poet’s Cane by Colin Harris-Day

Tea at Odd Times

here’s one for the hard-of-hearing
Dr. Bastard ogles the war gin
while nine are basted and art hovers
no doubt when the Earth is aft
first goes the oesophagus
then the latrine
there is only what he decides to leave
the CEO-hit hourglass
drifts closer to porphyria
but for the fidelity of Fido and the death of Uzi Ron
this story would never reach you

The Mirror Doesn’t Cloud Itself

the return of the Statement
demotes you to a feature
whittles your edges
till you see only in circles
exits need
what stamina lacks
locked into authorvoice
you battle tears
coddle memories
while grinning faces on the walls
offer open details

Fear and Forgetfulness

you ask for concussion
time spins new proposals
eyes moisturise themselves
at the thought of more plot twists
could be prophecy
maybe lack of imagination
reuptake inhibitors give and take in waves
answers vanish
exiled to extinction
hearts die through lack of use
all possibilities caught in the hell of nowhere

I Long for an Autocue

fat laughs
the extras of grammar
nothing for you
but chloroformed platitudes
all words are stolen
all thefts are faked
in outward ripples
armed symbols
dream of policemen
the important thing is
to dream of you

The Man in Upside-Down Planes

arguments in books are so slow
they wink as they destroy you
no time to categorise
the terror of regret
no time to notice
the world change around you
life is deciding by what to be eaten
this is my dream
the important parts are true
back into the world
with all the useless sperm

Fatted Moment

more than now
the perception of perception
the window around my window
sometimes imagination blooms
and clears the air
free of the flat life of overflows
the downward swoop ends in up
numbers within numbers
lift me out of myself
shake the picture
and place me back

Dimension Number Eleven

remember his escape
from regimented seedbeds
it’s not so long since
he echoed eternity
didn’t see drowning
didn’t see sky
just concepts of air and water
now the engine will not start
but the boat still floats
sails shame
in uneasy weather


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