SPOTLIGHT: Pointillistic Venetian Blinds by Joshua Martin

Class Warfare

Evenings spend themselves
like fat stomach tapeworm
fast forward to desert law firm
holding court amid disaster zones
decorated xmas disease sneeze
sunken in the breeze of go fish
game warden in overalls
once a suspender always a socket
tie dyed Einstein curlicue
then a geyser
then a tornado facelift
then zealots crumble crackers
soupless and all
venting squinting venting
ownership is bondage
we’ll never have a classless
society without class warfare

No One Could Agree

Nothing miniature about a thumb
tho the stun gun held showtunes
foreheads purplish like smelt
cheesy sardine Sicilian tower
babbling cosmetic flute schisms
wanton nameless echo ride
leaking outward fairytale store
all this junk and no traps
all this soap and litter pride
fancy meeting juniper tree colonel
budding swat team greeting cards
vanity for the sake of a hot meal
peeled out praying mantis professor
lonelier than a pea shoot
more wrinkled than an oven
taller than a pop rock
misspelled driver’s license photo
metal detector erector
having not listened to a single speech
a champion swimmer had to close ranks
and become obscenely barkable
in the melting tree kind of way
that wary princes can endure
tho meanwhile something zany
spilled from the mouth maze
while bigger moons cycled through
at least a dozen gas chamber pieces
preening all the way through

Even Sense and Also Zapped

Just as sitting covered tattered montage
a pant leg of snow blistering flightless greatness
bald pate a limping junior in a drawer of wolves
suspended super cutting warmed milk sleepers
banging countdown channel to the core applauds
textural analytic playtime rhyme time slime
sweating pubic hairs along the clock
disgusted w/o father / mother / sister / brother rocking
gather gather gather mafioso reprise a changeling
sordid in clay molded youngster fit to be fried
a gray haired wig master giving birth to labor
holding hunting novels against decadent puppies
ways & means measure ignorance a glimmer
pygmy lining spiderweb wallpaper bred a paint chip
corrections departed mountainside lookout guarantee
a clapping clipping sewer a typo a country centralized
off nose angled askew burning monuments
rare as rare as hatred twists & shakes & bakes
as plasma has a pitchfork that resembles the mayor

Battering Ram Not Included

We’ve been dropping off the saddle
like sprinkles pouting madly
stunning pots shattered grotesque
willingly a fruit fly stripped bare naked
as the crow frowns fastidiously
infamous to the touch
branch brawl fades away
sunglasses half at masking snot
less a nose than a pinch
somewhat sense
this little smell
and we imbibed clouds
to the shriek of ascot terriers
looping through treeless toads

A Cracking to Set a Watch by

true though up away
violence extending both
clock WISE &
counter clock WISE
until usefulness
sprains an ankle
fish tank drummer
starless handlebar
on bicycle comes to
span the representative
glimmering meats
rotting strutting
in the overall lung
horn groan of AUTUMN
cheeks (butt variety)
holes & holes & holes
galore (on floor) a
boring looking brain
of flesh spaghetti mouse
hole can’t you see the
shape of the towers
babbling incoherent
guffawing like demons
cartwheeling for the
holiday extravaganza
promises kept in
jars of jellied ham
beneath gutter ball
houseplants scheming
beaming dropping the
roller derby twilight
at foot of bed on fire
in praise of half-
civilized water bottles
caressing the oh so
softly undulating
mist before the
sizzle parlor on
side piece (car)
riding the glorious
WAVES upon leaning
Wings resembling
WIGS longer than
kissing pirate knee
caps & caps & caps of
design shop employees
who burned out
in the HA ha HA
way tho carrying
brick ovens on backs
matches wetter than
sneezing lemons or
spleens so clean they


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