SPOTLIGHT: FIVE YEARS: 25 David Bowie-inspired poems and lyrics by B F Jones

Life on Mars?

Let’s go to the place
We haven’t sucked dry
Ant-like colonies of

Let’s leave our mess behind
And start afresh
Who cares anyway

She isn’t enough
She isn’t enough

Happiness is
Cheap plastic trinkets
Delivered to your door
Discarded in
Crystal clear coral sea

Happiness is
A perfect filtered
For others to see
Taken on a ubiquitous phone

Let’s go to the place
Where we might
No longer feel
Hollow inside

Let’s leave our mess behind
And start afresh

She isn’t enough
She isn’t enough

She wasn’t

Modern love

There’s something budding
Smiles, laughter
Round faces
Horizontal tears
Of pixelated

There’s messages
Glowing pale
In the small hours

Winks, hearts, pictures
Sweaty restlessness
From unembodied

And that
Love declared
One Friday night

She’s grocery shopping
And she smiles
Her TV dinner
For one.

Velvet Goldmine

You didn’t lose it
It’s not like it got
You gave it away
It was long overdue
You abandoned it
On a single bed’s sheet
And never
Looked back.

Heroes – with John Bowie

when hurt-filled torrents drove hard,
even you failed to see why I’d swim against them

captive of burning-hurt
absent touches
no one knew but us

but, it was there, behind a child’s eyes and in
each laden step as more life opened the void

heavy little soul, God bless, never carried
respite found in another bottle, disposed seductions
over and over – resurfaced being
every man, woman and child deserve to
sail bitter currents. dream. be a hero.

just for one day

winding time and
erasing the pain and the grit of your

controlling smile, perfect teeth hiding
an agony of deceit, a desperation of
neglect and abandonment

burning-hurt braved
ended torment, soothed by the embrace of warm
arms – blood pumping rushing
to the heart of my heart just for one day.

tired eyes watching the imaginary movie of
ending in the
mess of unravelled, mangled, torn tape

for ever and ever.


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