SPOTLIGHT: Spacetime Nirvana by Kevin Pennington

Kansas Breeze

Kansas breeze
can you chill
me still
or are you all
blown out?
Do you still turn
the old windmill?
Do you make waves
in the wheat stalks?
A ripple in a sea
of golden grain
that is my childhood
drowned in rain.

As Joe Feeds the Koi

I walk in a blackbird’s shadow
mumbling poetry I forgot when I was
in the realm of the dead.

I am standing on Joe’s bridge
that crosses his electric creek,
I am both living and dead.

I am writing in a death of prosperous
Lilacs. Everything is seen with eyes
the color of rust.

What are you and I, Joe?
Are we nephilim,
or just a hologram?

We talk comics & watch TV.
He reads me haiku he wrote in
English & Japanese:

a race of orange
under the murky water
as Joe feeds the koi.

The Day Cohen Died
(for Leonard Cohen)

I weep, as is appropriate.
It is an expected position
a moment of desperation.
I too am a poet of depression.
I too sing the blues.
You gave me permission
to be sad & tell the truth.
We all suffer in this world.
We all have a heartbreak or two.
I try your skin on for a day;
It’s tight, itchy, and grey.
Roses and kisses, the ladies man,
always in suit and tie,
footprints in Hydra’s sand.
So long to you & Marianne.


The past is a folding flower,
a garden growing toward
paradise. unfurling reality,
our past and futures are one,
the shape of a tesseract
moving in perpetuity.
It is a massless particle,
a place of unknowing,
partially memory and Nirvana,
rolled into one piece of sushi.


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