SPOTLIGHT: i love you means nothing by Dre Hill


so this is love
cold water in the summer
indeed, this is love

rainbows after rain
yes grief persevering
indeed, this is love

calm in the storm
quiet waves whispering
indeed, this is love

cherubs in spring
life is in bloom again
indeed, this is love

kiss of the moon
warm embrace of the stars
indeed, this is love

so this is love
with your hands clutched in mine
indeed, this is love 

Physical Touch

you know how to say the words
not just with your lips
but in the way you rub my scalp
whispering ballads in my ear
fingers etching your love in my skin
your embrace cementing it in my heart


that is the word that comes to mind
my hunger
impossible to satisfy–unyielding
a force that is all too consuming
the boundless drying of my throat–my heart
being the only salvation to my unquenchable longing
I gather a glass from the cupboard
that you might fill it–fill me

You Feel Like Summertime

You feel like summertime
The smell of burnt rubber
The sight of children playing in sprinklers
The grit of sand between toes
The sound of rushing waves
And a billion other things
That seem so natural
But obtain a magical quality
When the spring fades
You, feel like summertime

Good Night

I like my good night texts profound
whispering with the longing of the faded daylight
soft as the moon’s silver rays kissing the Earth
humming with a gentle, soothing lullaby
warm like a fuzzy weighted blanket
swaddled as if I were a tuckered-out newborn
with the weight of my world vanishing into twinkling, darkened skies


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