Anthony David Vernon is Alien Buddha’s Featured Artist for April 2022

ABP- Thank you for taking this interview, Anthony. ‘The Assumption of Death’ was released through ABP earlier this year, and so far it is been our best seller of 2022, with over 100 copies being out in the world now. What can you tell us about this collection? What was the process of writing it like?

ADV- ‘The Assumption of Death’ is certainly an unconventional text, a hybrid of aphoristic poetry, short stories, and philosophical meditations. However, this hybridity means anyone can pick up this text and find something they will enjoy. Also, I think and I have been told that the text’s philosophical portions are graspable without being sophomoric. The main idea of the text is that to live is to die is an assumption. Through this main idea the themes of death, immortality, and guilt are explored in relation to each other. The writing of this text began on my moving trip to Albuquerque from Miami. While staying in New Orleans, an idea came to me that the most common of all assumptions is that living guarantees death. From there I complied relevant works that were written before the New Orleans realization and let any new material come to me until I felt the collection was satisfactory.

ABP- Do you have any other books out that you would like to promote?

ADV- No, this is my first published book

ABP- What are you working on now?

ADV- I am always working on new poetry, short stories, and articles. Regarding another book, only my Abuela and my co-author get to know about that.

ABP- What is the art/lit scene like in Albuquerque New Mexico?

ADV- Wonderful, Albuquerque is truly a fitting place for artistically minded people. It is also not just that the art scene here is vibrant but also quite skilled. If you are looking for a type of art, you can find an artist in Albuquerque that does that style tremendously well. There are also a ton of local bookstores here per capita. Of course, there are artistic tendencies out here. Landscape paintings and tribal nations inspired art are quite common. These traditional styles exist alongside avant-garde punk bands and surrealist painters.

ABP- Who is your favorite writer? What is your favorite book?

ADV- I could limit this question to one writer and one book. However, based on the variety of my work I think I should recommend varied writings. For poetry, my favorite poet is Kendrick Lamar. Yet, my favorite work of poetry is ‘The Essential Rumi’. When it comes to story telling my favorite work is ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. My favorite story author is Jamaica Kincaid. Regarding philosophy, my favorite writer of philosophy is Friedrich Nietzsche while my favorite philosophical text is the Zhuangzi.

ABP- Can you share a poem with us here?

ADV- Certainly, I’ll share a work from the collection, this piece is titled ‘Abyss’;

For far too many
Their foundation is an abyss
Far too many nest on this abyss
Yet call themselves grounded
Letting their angst be validated by the abyss
Failing to look above or around
Revolving in desolate space
In perpetual permanence

ABP- Thank you again for taking this interview, Anthony. If there is anything else you would like to share that we did not cover, feel free.

ADV- Well, the book can be found on Amazon and several local bookstores (Organic Books, Page 1 Books, Downton Books, Don’s Books, and Title Wave Books) in Albuquerque if anyone is interested in picking it up. Beyond that I am so very grateful to my family and friends who have been so supportive of me along with being supportive of my work.


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