SPOTLIGHT: & The Earth Was Shaking For Days by Mike Zone

Corporate Knife Fight
When you accept a promotion, you don’t want
triple production
build a department from the ground up, only to be hindered at very pivotal unnecessary turns in the process
sometimes it’s limited access to technology
or some power hungry narcissistic high school kid that never grew up
maybe you found hair in some concentrate and shatter
perhaps it was the mold growing on the medical grade wax
or the fact you couldn’t inventory something because someone didn’t put the name in the system and didn’t want you to even though you could
then there was your boss’ boss
the one who flew in on a private jet
who rode his motorcycle in
looking like a sons of anarchy reject
covered in almost cartoonishly satirical tough guy tattoos
yet not man enough to confront you
he yells at your boss
who yells at you
in front of everyone
“Face the wall! Eyes down on the scale! No talking!”
that’s when you turn evidence into the state
comply with everything for about a week
then jot an email
to your boss’s boss
director of east coast operations
taking your whole crew with you

Hooked on comics worked for me

I kissed Wonderwoman in a dream last night
while watching Abbot and Costello meeting Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster
Lawrence Talbot bumbling and raging
Not Boris Karloff just threw a vampiric blonde bombshell scientist out the window
perhaps, she was mad…
but we don’t care
entwined in golden lasso truth
not yet queen of the amazons
nor on the way to being the goddess of truth and meaning
we rectify an entirely different set of divine rights
time out of mind
a dream unending
wonderous awakening
‘cause Steve Trevor’s got nothing on me

Hope in the harvest
Dead grass, dead field- yellow dismal golden death
a golden sun sinking into a cold winded sea
rounded hovel of branches- a prairie scorned
once thriving
emerging from solar stabbed shadows
eyes coal black
ready to ignite as diamonds
white fur feline triumphant
full shining coat unsoiled
once a lion of the living room
carrying memories of all and none
from primordial jungles and the temples of ancient Egypt to the urban landscapes splitting apart
there’s a knowing satisfactory grin
cats of eternal constantly fluctuating time
descendants and ascensions
the lion surveys his kingdom

When love mattered
Sunspot on her chin
lost in desire
Cupid torturing a lover
“theft from thyself?”
“who are thou?”
“thou art that?”
an advocate of civil war
“you will find no quiet”
transplant me
somewhere safe within nocturnal wayward delirium
the essence of memory
with but a touch
soulful portrait
of us

we wish
fever dream
‘cause I don’t get laid in real life
virgo somehow in my room
fung-shuis the space
presents a plentitude of multicolored condoms
cast aside
we don’t care
we take each other inside
atomic level equilibrium
these are the unstable molecules of dreams
penetrating each other’s eyes
oceans and nocturnal skies crashing
intricate ink on her body moving
freeze frame
thumb on her lip
somehow we’re both begging for something
in silence
equally stained
equally cleansed
with a paradise kiss
virgo ascends
capricorn down low
goat and virgin entwined
I might rob a bank for her


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