SPOTLIGHT: Blood, Booze, & Other Things in Nature by C.E. Hoffman

Uranus in Transit Pt. 1

Once upon a patriarchy,
Uranus turned to Taurus,
and Venus Herself washed cumspit off my dress.


Shed your armour!
Cleanse your aura!

New World turtles will expose soft pink bellies to New World seagulls with soft pink beaks
Apocalypse is the ultimate (r)evolution
Listen! Shout! Breathe!

Oppression is so last century.

Nice Day to Get Laid*

Grown-up kid w/ groceries: cheese buns, Pepsi.
White clouds make chaos w/ sickgreen leaves.
The grass is not me, we
coexist separate-

Like how whores live alone no matter the number
of lovers they do (or don’t) take home
Like how mothers mourn while Kids get to grow
Like how whores live alone.

Grown-up girl w/ groceries: in-store sushi.
In other news, I’m making history.
In other words I’m totally
damn lucky.
(*This title is taken from a Sex in the City quote. Seriously.)

All At Sea

We’re all at sea
Stuck on dry land
Condemned to deserts
and drowning.

Bugs Everywhere

Would love to be rid of bullshit, but that wouldn’t be human, would it
the ants are busy in the grass as
for I am off that path, wove unto the road of whoknows
I know nothing except

there’s a golden bug on my cardigan
birds chirp/shed feathers
friends help friends (when they can)
I haven’t found an apartment (yet)
bugs comb their antennae with their hands.

Obsolete Pop Culture Reference #1

I’m sick of all these motherfucking scars on this
motherfucking heart.

Liquid Moments Pt. 1

Happy happy sunstroke
High on sunlight brain explodes
Happy happy drunk poet
I’ll be famous when you’re all dead!!!!!!

my sweet head.)

New Moon in Aries (Get Gone Pt. 1)

man I swear that shit was years ago
but it was only this morning I farted my soul
and the moon streaked her smart pale ass w/ a smirk.

Sita, don’t bow to that jerk
go home
toke with old crows.
go roller derby or raw
live somewhere it don’t fucking snow.


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