SPOTLIGHT: The Purge by Caroline Hughes

  1. everything’s fine
    everything’s calm
    why then do i search for wrongs?

issue present-
i have something to do
issue absent-
boredom protrudes

there’s got to be something
i forgot to do
where’s the flaw?
misfortunes past due

what if nothing’s wrong,
and everything’s fine?

what if something’s wrong,
and i keep peace of mind?

  1. crowds of people
    here and there
    different backgrounds
    breathing one air

air is one thing
all people share
not levels of opportunity,
oppression, and care

it seems so easy
for some to forget-
that starting points vary,
because rich still get rich

maybe one day
we’ll share the belief-
barriers must break
for justice and equity

  1. da dee da
    dee dee dee

you’re picking up others’ energy

what’s mine is mine
what’s the’s is the’s

i am one,
and i am free

  1. do you ever feel
    you’re watching a movie reel?
    none of this exists
    characters and costume frills

a thick, glass wall
dividing you
from what’s observed
versus actually true

some may say
you watch the others
fight and play

the feelings common
it will pass
until then
thank the glass

hive think
i’m on the brink
of pouring myself another drink
just bees
no certainty
of what’s believed individually
step back
rewind your tracks
to the place
before the hive attacked
pull them out
the stingers they fall keep pulling and pulling no stingers at all

  1. the voices come
    in my head
    are they from soul
    or just inbred?

inbred, deep-rooted
woven in thread
are the valid? i think not
just probably misread

they’re loud when i’m slow
slow to do, that’s all i know
they come all at once

it’s overwhelming, i’m a dunce…

…i’m a dunce, i’m a failure
opportunities i will miss
i better lay down
give my soul a kiss

  1. i wish i didn’t know
    the things that i know

live in a false reality
guarded from actuality

it sounds quite nice to be blind to the ugly
to see only the beautiful, the positive, the lovely

knowledge is key
i’ve heard them say
but sometimes i wish
my knowledge would fade


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