SPOTLIGHT: The Book of Clyde by Sylvia Van Nooten

Decorative Amoebas And Clyde’s Heart

Clyde walked a stairway to a precarious consciousness where decorative amoebas pulsed unknown words. His waking dreams were like this, a flow of emotions searching for shapes. Letters formed from previous incarnations in far away galaxies which Clyde could never figure out.

“No matter,” he said, his eyes partially closed like a badly punctuated paragraph. “Shared meaning is as imaginary as my decorative amoebas. All of our hearts are lonely jesters.”

Message From Ancestral Bird

Clyde meditated on the number of heartbeats the average human has over a lifetime.  “Two to three billion, what a stunning thought,” he mused.  He felt a reverberation—a murmuration—in his palms as a vision grew from his heartbeat.  Ancestral Bird blew into his aura, trailing script he couldn’t comprehend.  

Bird spoke, “Every person has an Ancestral Bird of Paradise.  Our wings beat with your heart. Our wisdom is the accumulated joy of lifetimes.”

Clyde understood.  “This is why birds make us happy.”

He danced for bird, his heartbeat quickening.

Clyde’s Cloak Of Paradise 

When the world was a fractured platitude, negative energy slaying any semblance of Yin and Yang, Clyde would don his Cloak Of Paradise.  Within its folds, banal emotion fell away and he was transported to a realm of Source and Spirit Animals.  All that was magical in existence became realer than reality. 

Clyde soared, “I embrace infinite possibilities, I embrace all that is Other.”

When it was time to hang the cloak back up in the closet of his imagination Clyde felt as clean as a tree after a torrential rain.


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