SPOTLIGHT: Oxidized Pennies by Regine Ebner


skies dipped in sea pebbles
and old Venice

a still cold
dark as cannon
a tin can day

love as real as air
in windowless space

love as long as smoke


with your Vermeer face
and burnt wood mind

you cascade words like
sheaves of paper

my evening glances
ricochet off violins
and window panes

and land like feathers
from a gibbous moon

I saw you in a dream
of a fisherman’s sky

collecting lost nickels
from empty pockets

and trading them in
for old bottles

full of sad songs


this half-light of mountain
in the shade of tall leaves
a bell tower of wind and chime

the evening’s lodestar
takes in the full breadth of land

shepherds us north
sure of step and night
a sanguine mother ship


we sit at your bluffs
and hear the summons
of the bells

and play the sunsets of your
homesick centuries


half-notes and gold dust
gild the flight of morning and
dapple the waking brush

rabbits munch on marigolds
and wink

quail rush by
with large families
catching trains

scented arrows take aim
hoping for ricochets
and ballet

weightless we
court destiny

finding love and

stealing thunder


our years are old and deep
tree roots in a
pennywhistle wind

atoms fall like stars
and play coronets
for what can never be

your voice with its
cello notes and
orphaned melodies

haunts these rooms
and corridors

cracked in tiny pieces of
a broken

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