SPOTLIGHT: the river is a lake by Sean J. White

the river is a lake

they say time is a river
is a dead metaphor

but a river can also
be a lake sometimes

the current dies
to stagnant nothing

and even algae
refuse to bloom

thoughts on the image of koku

the empty pier recedes
one stroke at a time

until a line of color
splits two fields

of blue the static
resisting the tsunami

metaphor an insignificant
body cannot support


a boat that is no boat
this boat displaces more

than floats fiber-
glass body a body

is not a boat without
a paddle an oar

slices arteries blue
on a map water sound

something akin to flight

single length of wood carved
an oar’s organic curves

cannot compete against
the complexity of combustion

rippling latissimus
these artificial wings

dip the lassitude
going nowhere fast

deja vu

gentle waves warp
my reflection silently

repeating all the words
with which I berate myself

and I wonder
will the catfish depths

offer anything
new and unique

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