SPOTLIGHT: To Be Read Aloud to Houseplants by Dave Serrette

i. Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

I don’t care to be like Emily –
Locked up in a trunk
For my Sister to find.

I’d rather be forgotten
Than never know
I’ll be remembered

ii. Dracaena masoniana

A dozen little eggs
are in the icebox
all for you.

Take them home
and fry them
in lots and lots
of butter.

It’s all I can offer
in exchange for
everything you’ve
given to me

I hope it’s not
too obvious then
and the eggs
do not betray me
and repeat all the
things I told them.

iii. Aglaonema costatum

I’d hoped you would
buy me a cake
or flowers or a card;
you were so proud
that you found out
it was my birthday.

Secretly, I sat
and waited for you
and what I just knew
would be a nice

I dislike surprises
I always say
to everyone –

and leave off the end

v. Tradescantia zebrina

I said no
because I didn’t want to
when I thought
that you didn’t either
but then you did
and I could have cried
to skip a chance
to spend time
with you

But now I can’t
that chance has passed
so I’ll text you
before I leave for Indy
and maybe once I arrive
and pretend it’s not
just because I just
wanted to talk

x. Amorphophallus titanum

I tried to write a poem
Of distant love and longing
But what came out was worth
A book by Thomas Harris


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