SPOTLIGHT: People Watching by Chuck Harp

From Time to Time

It’s always weird to wonder
how certain people have fallen
so far into your life, you forget
just how long the drop has been.

It’s even stranger to consider
these one-time strangers want
to float together and witness
when you land on your feet.

Window Scene

We open on the vast city streets.

Dogs leaving their mark
along the uneven sidewalk.
Papers floating with
inconsistent wind.
Motorbikes zip to pass
double-parked cars
with flasher ablaze.
Scooterists proving
the world is in a rush.
People selling wares
and homeless wheeling carts.
Horns are heard
competing with the curses
uttered by those bound to
the brick fashion traffic.

We close the curtains, ready for the day. 

Blind Reflections

Bubbling rage
caged in elegant suits
sipping chardonnay
from the shards of smashed glasses
finally explodes
like pressured buttons popping
and ricocheting
around the dining room
while servers
watch the rich kids make
an unholy mess. 


In the midst
of rabid jackals
gnashing their fangs,
she keeps her cool
by freezing her gears,
icing over her ears,
as the savages attempt
to wind her again
watching and waiting
for the smashing of cymbals
that would never strike,
instead only receiving
thick cold shoulders
as she turns her back
away from the pack. 

Inaudible Vices

Hell’s first whisper came
as a blessing from the bottle
and a swift curse of thirst.
Daydreaming over empty glasses
he formed his tales of woe,
finding the words fell easy
from loose lips between sips.
Soon he could only taste
the harsh bite of defeat,
with an intense drive
soon succumbing to drink,
leaving his pages as empty
as the company he now keeps.


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