SPOTLIGHT: What if the Quest is Greek; by Adora Williams

We are just self-proclaimed poets ·
The Lyra strings are all broken

What if the language disassembled
In pieces
We can no longer afford to put

Who would vouch for us;

There is never silence in the living ·
Every subatomic wave lives

What if I didn’t turn on the fan to hush up
The noise
Of existence;

Would I listen to the sound
Without looking at the grain;

There’s someone in the unknown sky
Who has been turning the noise on all along ·
It is perpetually monotone.

But O how I love jazz;

What if I painted a Violet little dot in
Every flag;
Poetry should become law ·
The laurel in a gold that never fades

What if life is no more than a

The more we think · the more it becomes

What if we cut the cohesion off language;

I would if I won’t, but I will will ·
A point of view as lopsided as this

What if the past ever happens to see the future ·
Directly, in our worldly manner,
Would time


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