SPOTLIGHT: A Revolution in the Sky by Helen Openshaw

Another Day to Mark

I sewed the sunlit patches of the day
Into your hair,
Carefully stitching the edges so they
Did not fray.

I rose at dawn to collect the cloth,
Selecting the right shades and threads
For your delicate features.

Afternoon shadows proved more difficult,
As I fastened and tacked the stubborn fringes
To banish the cloak of fear around you.

Then at night I attached moonbeam extensions
So they danced at your waist and twisted
As you moved through your dreams.

When Darkness Falls

And so I heard the forest say:
Do not light fires to see,
But let the darkness sit awhile.
Do not shrink away,
But let the black cloak sweep over
Your shoulders.
Do not peer to guess at the shapes,
But let them bloom, unfold.
There will be time enough to start the fire
Which will show you the path
Your heart has learned.

Early Morning Swim

Gentle solitude turns
My face to a
different view.
The water holds me,
Waiting for the breath
To ease and steady.
Sunlight dapples
on the water,
Bouncing, dancing
to the rhythm
Of the breaking joy.
I find the pulse and move
Into the rising day.

The Morning I Saw Spring Revived

Naked in their Winter bravery,
The trees await the coming cloak of Spring,
As long cold months are salt away.

I accept the strength I need from
A green so transparent I see myself through
The splashes of early morning.

I quench my parched thirst as
The greens bubble and spill
like a refreshing drink.


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