SPOTLIGHT: Peanut Butter is Not the Solution by B.K. Guarisco

Jolly Welcomes

the submariner braves
the jolly welcomes

braves the tubular modern,
circles keep the peace bubbly

circles baby-proof the course
easy on the eyes

coarse air gifts chatter to the keys
autocorrecting hot aeolus to hot aioli

ought to thematically persuade
with buzzwords & infamy

pressure aid by remaining idle
in the presence of a pulse

an ithell colquhoun ascends
high bull’ jolly welcomes

unscented strays, a few purring
this tea, this tea,

this tea will soak through a dozen
purring muffins

douse them in jolly welcomes
it goes great with bread, too

The Peanut Butter Solution

1 really ripe banana
5 dead flies
1 rotten egg
3 licorice leaves
A fistful of kitty litter
3 Connie Crisps
3 Crosbie Crackers
9 spoons of soil, a glass of pepper’s
fizz and a spoonful of peanut butter –
but not too much!

a relaxed, well dressed bird
to a cat indicted for sudden,
onset alopecia
reflected in the hazy panels of a
perhaps, also, the death
of a matchbox ant—
cats give rashes, cats give fleas,
cats can transmit all sorts of disease
but waive your imagination
don’t use imagination,
use charcoal;
the difference between savages
& sausages
draw dogs
w/ a human flea instead
look at the shadow
under the belly
not your flaming rubbish
not your fright in the fray

Thirty-Six Years of Excessive Absences and Tardiness

mopetown bacterium sprouts
beyond negative bias
in the evening, before bed,
after we’ve taken all of our vitamins
and electrolytes
and have sped tranquility
waxing, polishing
we promise the body we’ll engage
godlike in the morning; get up with our
forearms reloaded; supernova shotgun
pump the rooster
w/ enough time to take the throne as
king of all people freshly dusted
as though it’s our credit earned
for making murder illegal
only, instead, we cricket restless
& slaughter sheep
jingling dishes in the cabinet
cause us to abandon the grand
production of incompetency
so we call out again and wait for the
to call us to confirm fulfillment
wait for the world to world
so we can person your face off
edge you to ruins with our line breaks
all just to get our fingers on
your butterfinger—it pays the bills
& those bills have teeth

BARRACUDA GUARISCO is a bi/pan polyonymous author of several books of poetry and hybrid works published with Spuyten Duyvil, Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, and Feral Dove Books. He has been nominated for Best Microfiction and The Elgin Award, and is the Editor-in-Chief of Really Serious Literature. In the past Guarisco curated for Da’daedal, Poetry Laboratory, Free Poetry, Ogopogo, and LIT Quake in both Seattle and Everett, WA. You can find him if you want to.


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