SPOTLIGHT: Gulf of the Purple Enigma by Vernon Frazer

Cooking Up a Recipe

the best blend shows tread
making a grist walk meringue
its shortfalls churn lavender
seeking constricted outputs
wherever toxic peril returns
to the tablespoon mechanic
thinning his impetigo cufflink
before the signature premise
foretells a transit separation
that plated its tin pan axiom
when a volcano getting sticky
turned rock to breath garment
addled the metastatic past
where the missing seascape
became an isolate outrage
handed one vantage transit
wigwam larva grated fine
the equinox a tin simulacrum
privately nautical while frenetic
crosswind photos loom
slow gallops churn lap wings
hallucinogenic parka their logo
welcome lifeboats cure their legacy
brimstones steal bronzed glory
typewriter militants ghost wherever
straight words pocket enjoying
clatter supplication enchantment
no mezzanine sidestep set
their drone to preferences
luncheon still imposed before
mustache broadcastings push
migraine persuasion to the many
the foodstuff not big repentance

Reception at the Coastal Remnant

fallow the moribund halter calling
gamut victuals fallen to portrait loom
conjectural fragments left guesting
oral counterparts to group soliloquy
compost headings faltering close
chance vandals wallow in salt bins
shaker loose to its aching encore
schematic telegram fodder clenched
ingenuous leather treaties turned
triangle wrenching soccer weddings
ruin blanched fiasco treaties run
past vital rumination quadrants
turning escarpment mottoes runic
as the tunes blazed light sharply
past melody’s era fragmenting ear
to a vestige nearer than its clipping
bears to current striation plasma
spreading mnemonic transfer badges
among those calling for great shores
to bring gallows threaders to mend
fencing casualties that murmur
nightly plastic sequins whisper tight
as lips will seal the fish hatcheries
where hidden secretions follow clued
ensemble currents to shallow fences
that left to wade the fulcrum level
badgered to emission treading form
while content to decline hammock
seating truculent restoration banners
swell to optimum configuration masks
leaking plaster through mastic leverage
near augmented projections looping
vintage accumulation brackets within
steep granary bludgeons made to forfeit
a plural entourage with concealed intent
toward the making of a naked transfer
that would bleed the heart of an artichoke
free of any pistachio climate freezers
or truculent vapidity wipers battering
nuisance cake no ambulatory manners
lacking the grit of circumference sheds
dotting the landscape ruins left smoking
corn silk memoirs with toxic additives
testing the measure of a clenched breath
held longer than the chart can swallow

Corval Illumination

light shedding its luminous tears
in circular threading at the peak
of the breeze stairwell headings
will bring facile irritation seeds
to grim fruition on a roaring cant
shared octagonal stiletto dreams
begotten under the tuning sun
before a chordal forklift cried
pyrrhic dicta in amenity sutures
grounds shifting under coffee
water gorges the amulet before
patio lost to reference games
reduced leaks to divot pleasure
lumbering soggy grain packaging
burrows large as furriers on launch
or under-rehearsed to play leather
traction party victims on parole
from county grades left marking
slotted ambiguities for vain filtration
depths charged fully to ensue
backing for lost weather baskets
and other roles left unfilled or topped
against a dull vapor poring through
a circus of lonely crows to a murder

Temptation Deadbeats

at the last cultural hollow
the divorce of collision motive
from a left-wing counter vaunt
handed the ambiguity gone
to rupture fairway cactus

as glazed flamenco demons
toned their occlusion constables
a brickading clockwork grenade
lost its wherever massage
while its password vitamin
delayed monument yearnings

the faded eyeballs encased
their phone-in simulacrum

fedora plumage toned to low
under their nominal radish
elision missing two handbags
three dots and one pastel snapper

a dingo tempest plated to track
their ebony figments required
stoking before thorough bromide;
subterranean maladjustment
meant a lowered curve runner
speedboat pillage distension

certified thumbtack renunciations
react to the posh cowl peepshow


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