SPOTLIGHT: ‘Seed’ (Found Poetry From The Great Gatsby) by Marie-Louise Eyres


I got up only to



            into the ground.

My thoughts scattered

            like                  crickets,

            returned as soggy

whitewashed lemons.

I held my chin 

            in my trembling          fingers,

                        the pressure inside

            my head

a huge,

            black-knotted tree,

while rain gathered 

            in small           swamps 

                        and prehistoric marshes 

                                    along my sleeves.

I couldn’t eat 

            a spoonful

                                    of raw honey

            though my throat

was full 

            of aching,        grieving beauty, 

                        the frothy odor

                                    of hawthorn

                        & plum blossoms.

This was my hour

                                    of change.

Moon Baby

Oh baby, bigger

            than the moon


            into the night

with your caramel


One warm little heart

                        beating tight

                                    like the skins

                        of tigers.


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