SPOTLIGHT: (SECOND EDITION) i love you means nothing by Dre Hill

The Heart’s [Failed] Crusade

that’s what I’d like to think of myself as
someone who watches patterns
reads between the lines
and acts accordingly

the field is scoured
my adversaries are well researched
the table is set—drinks and an appetizer
surely victory will be mine

war is being waged
the digital data field rotates
round and round we go
no meet up set—no date to commence

my opponents made their bed
but I will not lie in it
there will be no bodily unison
not without the discourse of pleasure and compromise

we are divided by a chasm
I watch them fade into the mist
many will not be seen again
most find new solace and conquest

that’s what I feel most days
someone who sits alone
unable to win the battle of love
swiping right in the dead of night


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