SPOTLIGHT: ‘Exposure to Existence’ by Samantha Lee Curran

your hands slipped away as
everything we had fell through my mine
your uneven skin under my fingertips
our hearts beating struggling to heal
the wounds we inflicted on ourselves
i could hear your tormented vessel beating
as my head lay above it
the ink sky descending on top of us and i could see
our prophecy etched above us
we dug our graves into the night sky
and laid to rest with our future
the blue in our eyes once bright
faded into our own night
our bodies burying into the mattress
intertwining with the fabric of our existence
i weaved my way into your veins
and you weaved your way into my being

a piece of me

unknowingly / we wandered our way in / deep / finding our place / stayed there where / we were comfortable / secret stolen glances / turned into lingering stares / unspoken words sitting / heavy in our lungs / scattered moments / in time belonged to us / those moments were profound / their delicate nature could shatter / as suddenly as those moments / disappear / our hands were ripped / apart raw nerve endings / pulsing aches / throughout our bodies / passing time could not coerce us / out of the home / buried deep within the chest / cavities of one another / our echo fading / slipping / through our fingers / we became lost / outside of ourselves / quiet moments / on our own / didn’t allow things to be any / clearer / the sun / the moon / sensed our wondering / aching over years / once again / entirely unexpectedly / timing aligned / for us to make our way / back home

once we were normal people

under the moon
dreaming of you

of a memory that exists
only to persist
on being evoked

inevitably to provoke
the sentiment that
i’ll die in my sleep

under the moonlight
while you wait
for me

the moon for you

while you’d fade into the darkness
i was content within my oblivion

you were always just out of reach
you were always just a dream to me

-just a dream

if this is all in our minds
would you take the time to tell me why

a story i keep to myself

it all feels the same now
what’s inside escaped somehow

filled with letters i cannot send

for i won’t ever be the same
lay me out i’ll take the blame

a story i could never tell

could this be all i own
a starved heart without a home

open letters i can’t amend

a story in letters

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