spotlight: ‘REGRET/REPAIR’ by Joseph Cassis

M o m e n t o:

what took this away from me?
I haven’t the vaguest memory.
I wake up every day
hoping for a message to read.

wandering streets unknown
even though I’ve fucking walked them before
searching for answers…
and more

I’ve gone off the deep end
sense of purpose weakened

who killed this?
how can love only last a moment?

Huey Lewis and My Blues:

lately, I’ve
found myself
tipping a hat to
for working how it does.

I’d pressed
what I thought I knew
into happy-little-pills.
they would
always bring me down, but
I’ve found a
new drug
like Huey always sung about

one that
makes me feel
like I’m on top of the world.

one that
is shaped
like you.


Shall We?:

familiar ceiling
shall we
lock eyes

On My Porch:

I’ve dreamt of
coming home to you
sitting on my porch
more times than I can count

just a moment
where I get to hug you once more
before I send you back
to your home
without me

I just get to
hug you
because you need it

I think
that’s what I miss the most.

and your laugh.

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