SPOTLIGHT: Motor City Mix by James Schwartz


I dreamt of all the roads I have walked upon,
Beginning with the long gravel swath,
Cutting through the Midwestern countryside,
Running parrellel to the Amish farm,
Housing my earliest memories,
Of March mud puddles,
Mom buckling my boots,
A nearby creek that roared,
Today is a drainage ditch,
Tamed into a narrow ribbon,
Trickling through a culver,
The dream shifts sequence,
I-75 southbound to Sarasota,
Above the quiet fog,
Palms line the boulevards,
I walked twenty years ago,
Another shift through Spanish moss,
To a red clay road,
Outside Tallahassee,
Another shift,
Through South Pacific sunlight,
Another red road,
This one of cinder,
Curving through,
The Kapoho rainforest,
Up and down Noni Farms Road,
I walked so many times,
I no longer needed the moonlight,
To navigate the now desolate,
Steaming onyx field,
Closer to Kilauea,
Lies Chain of Craters road,
For this walk,
I am accompanied by,
A happy dog,
A shift:
The City of Refuge,
A shift:
Across the ocean,
The Olympic National Park,
Houses green, wet,
Shimmering, sacred memories,
Roads in Mexico,
Are bloodstained with history,
The streets of Rosarita bustle,
Dreams never conclude,
But here I am,
Waiting on the bus,
On M1,
The first mile,
Of paved highway,
In the US,
Not far from,
The old Ford factory,
As I awaken,
To historical headlines,
Heralding the news
Of an electric charging road,
Coming to the D,
I cling to,
The last dream fragments,
Where I am walking,

Gasping for water
Gills wide
Blinking open
Stumbling implies
Resistance to form
Wildly bouncing
From the Detroit blue-green river
Onto the shore of Belle Isle
Before the cool marble gaze
Of Dante
Mewling hungrily
For knowledge
Of origins
Lost long ago
Secreted in poems
& architecture
& statuary
& midsummer Masonic solstice
Before slipping back,
Under the surface of time,
O Saint Dante!
The poets today are rising…


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