SPOTLIGHT: Circles of Roses Forever by Chani Zwibel

Let me die in your arms.
Let them carry me away
holding your hand.
I’ll hold your heart
like a circle of roses forever,
grown round my heart like ivy.
Let “I love you”
be the poisonous kiss
that seals our sleep.
We’ll need no “‘til death,”
but we’ll play our part.
Let us love.

Roses adored in your garden below
Now frozen and bitter with snow
Fairytale lies that you spun like a show
And caught me with nowhere to go
Morning and sunset I wonder too much
And shadows and whispers come close
Telling me gently of roses forgotten
And where the good little child goes
When was the moment when you saw me
When was the truth of my name
How did you ever come into my life
And, worse, in my heart have a place?
I’m not sure what love is, for true or not,
I’ve never loved anyone, no,
But fondness and friendship aren’t foreign to me
I know where the roses still grow.

Roses upon your kitchen counter, dried from summer’s light.
Memories of each sunny day to last each winter night.
So cold and so vacant, so left behind,
the world of winter never touched by time.
The sun comes through a miracle you see in each eye.
Spring is only around the corner, once more a sunny sky.

My heart is a spider web that caught you, caught you.
My heart is the delicate lace that you spun, you spun.
My heart is the precious stone that you found, you found.
My heart is the place from which you run, you run.

Winter is a chill,
But my love is a frost.
It can’t be unrequited warm,
So my love for you is lost.

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