SPOTLIGHT: avian aria by Michelle Cicillini

first crush

heavy in stolen sediment
tickled by lacey fingers
Atlantic fog forms dew+decay

gray plays it cool
under barren moonlight
sun’s bygone swan song

we are bones breaking glass
even shore birds learn
to crave long shadows

second (thinking)

you are (best) mid-horizon
lemon honey butter thumb
(forgetting) seed+bee+cow

we are (not) broken records
skip | tease | (promising) play

(ducks) follow ripples to lead
parents surviving traffic years
slow / fast / waddle (stop)

we are (not) broken waters
circles (becoming) circles

once upon that line of sky
whales could (not) drown
I never saw you (falling)

third eye

yearning for silence
quiet rolls in
missing every sound

wartime warble
upon phoenix skin
ink plumes

His gaze—
my guidepost
when astray


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