Sarah Hussin is Alien Buddha Press’ Featured Artist For the Month of May

ABP- Thank you for taking this interview, Sarah. ABP came across your artwork sometime last year, and since then we have had the privilege of featuring your paintings within, and on the cover of issues of Alien Buddha Zine. In fact, your art is featured on this month’s edition (below). What can you tell us about this painting? What was going through your mind when you made it? What is the message?




SH- the title of this painting is   “the toy ” it is  an expressionist painting of a women and hands can move her like a toy or a chess piece and she is forced of that as many women on our different worlds .

I inspired by the shapes of violence against the women worldwide .





ABP- You were also a part of a recent ABP anthology, ’49 aphophenia ransom notes’, in which one of your works was featured alongside 7 other visual artists’ work, and 7 different writers wrote a companion piece to each visual. (your piece, and the link to the free online version of the full collection below. What do you think of this book as a whole now that it is complete? Would you be interested in doing more collaborations like this in the future?



SH- actually I am strongly believe in the collaboration between writing and painting as a powerful way of expression of the whole life .

That kind of expression melts the exact meaning of any topic in our hearts and minds through such artistic method to understand every single detail around us.

I love what alien Buddha did in that project .

I admire the features works and of course I would love to participate in further projects  its such a privilege to me .





ABP- You also very recently collaborated with Dustin Pickering and Henry Stanton on a project. What can you tell us about that venture?



SH- It was a quick and interesting experience, I have made illustrations and the cover of a children’s book before so when it was brought up by Dustin ,  I did not hesitate to read the story and found it very interesting and therefore I did the rest of the drawings with Henry and also the cover art .





ABP- What is the art scene like in DamiettaEgypt?


I was born in one of the cities of Damietta Governorate in Egypt

Certainly, I was affected by the Mediterranean and the Nile and the simple people in my city.

But as for the art scene in Damietta, I think it did not affect me very much and I did not find it inspiring for me if we assume that we will talk about the exhibitions held by artists in the cultural centers there.





ABP- Who are some of your biggest influences as an artist?


SH- Who influences me as an artist are some old  art masters such as Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin, Michael Angelo and  Van Gogh .






ABP- Can you share a few more of your paintings here for our viewers?


SH-  Of course, I am honored to share some of my latest artwork with you





ABP- Thank you again for taking the time out of your schedule Sarah. The floor is all yours. If there is anything you would like to share, or promote, or anything at all, please take as much space as you’d like to do so.


SH- you are most welcome I was very honored to share my work with , and I am also happy to share with you in the future Thank you very much.

  Yes I would love to share with you the link of my official page on Facebook

  Also So delighted to share my account on Saatchi art online gallery





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