A Preview of BRANDY, the new bilingual poetry book from Xi Nan

Let me also talk about Beijing in 2005 it was a year that I could never forget in my heart

2005 was the second year I left Singapore and went to England it should be the first summer vacation when I was an undergraduate I went back to Beijing Brandy had already settled down there

Is the disco called Mix in the Workers’ Stadium (工人体育馆) still there later I heard that Mix was still there but it was no longer what it used to be it was now packed with high-priced prostitutes and vulgar rich men was Mix really not what it used to be already later we never visited there again

In 2005 Brandy and I met two good friends in Mix till now our friendship has already survived for nearly fifteen years that was exactly Bobby and Shawn they are cousins Bobby’s girlfriend at the time was a tall girl called Queenie who seemed to be quite nimble soon they broke up Bobby later had some other girlfriends now his wife is a Japanese girl and they have two children

In Mix Brandy also met Little Zuo who was also studying abroad in England at the time they two fell in love and broke up at lightening speed of course we all knew that Little Zuo was an asshole years later Zuo got drunk at an open-air bar loudly shouted “beautiful” to every passer-by he even shouted that to every man or really old woman passed by this happened only less than a year after his new marriage

In 2005 Woman Street (女人街) was not yet removed we often went to a bar there called Fairy Bar (仙吧) in the middle of the night drank and played games until dawn time once Shawn said that he saw Faye Wong sitting at the bar it was THE Faye Wong (王菲) the Singing Queen we pulled the eaten chewing gum to cover the car license plate number racing all the way after drunk the music in the car and the loud laughing and chatting mixed together almost threw the roof

In 2005 Bobby was very fat and Shawn was very thin but now I tell Bobby who has successfully lost huge weight for several years that he is a bit like Huang Bo (黄渤, a Chinese comedian) they looked at me who had gained huge weight after taking bipolar disorder medicines and sighed fat girl if we meet in Mix now I definitely don’t want to know you

That was already 2018 they two still took me the fat girl at the time to drinking parties together sometimes they at the same time played online games on their mobile phones then I silently went in a daze or browsed on my phone in order to participate the drinking parties at late night I even stayed for a few days in a small inn not far away from Shawn’s home

If we didn’t acquaint early when we were still so young of course everything will be different after entering the adult world the so-called friends I’ve made always brought short-lived friendship and everlasting interests

Later Bobby and Shawn who was also studying abroad in the United States returned to Beijing to settle down too I heard that Shawn was particularly miserable when he left the US because of a failed love relationship his visa expired when he was deported back to China he carried only a plastic bag in hand and the heroine in that relationship had become someone else’s wife a few years ago

Bobby and Shawn and Brandy had all returned to Beijing the many people coming and going around them were also in Beijing and I returned to England from Newcastle to Birmingham to London I settled down in England in the fierce wind


About the Author: Xi Nan (Nancy), contemporary writer, translator, poet, writes in different genres. Her latest poetry collection is With Light and Dust (co-authored with Fish Lu /Terror House Press).

关于作者:西楠,当代作家,译者,诗人,著有多种作品,部分作品以英文出版/发表于海外。最新诗集《光和尘》(With Light and Dust, 与鲁鱼合著, 英语/美国Terror House Press出版)。






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